Sunday, October 13, 2013

16 Months Old

Our sweetie is 16 months old.  And he is a sweetie.  But he is also a MESS!  Our baby toddler is into everything!  He doesn't want to sit in his highchair.  He doesn't want to sit in his car seat.  He doesn't want to sit anywhere.  He wants to climb on the table.  He runs from us.  He throws his food on the floor.  He throws things into the toilet.  He does anything and everything he can think of to get a reaction out of you.  The biggest problem right now is that whenever we are in the front yard, he wants to run into the street.  He does this because he wants to see us run after him.  He pulls the girls' hair constantly because he likes for them to screech.  Of the three kids at this age, he is not the most high-maintenance, but definitely the most strong-willed!

But thankfully, he's also super sweet and so much fun right now.  He loves music and will dance anytime anyone is singing or he hears music of any kind.  He loves the girls' toy microphones.  He enjoys being outside.  He likes going for walks, playing on the trampoline, and sliding down climbing up the slide.  

If we can get him to sit still long enough, he's a pretty good eater.  His favorite food is cheese.  When he will eat nothing else, he will eat cheese.  His mouth is full of teeth!  He has all he will cut until his two year molars.  Crazy! 

He is very social.  He smiles and waves at everyone.  If he smiles and waves at a stranger and they don't acknowledge him, he will get in their face and try again. 

He will run at you with his arms open wide and give the biggest hugs.  I could just eat him up!  We love our little stinker sweet pea so much!!