Thursday, February 21, 2013

Funny Girl!

I could write a book using nothing but funny things that come out of Molly's mouth.  This kid is so full of personality and she's always thinking.  Here are some recent funnies:

(Looking into the mirror) "Why do I have to be so cute?"
Molly: Rayna, you are NOT getting in my bed for two weeks!
Me: Molly, that isn't very kind.
Molly: Well, it's MY bed!
Me: What if I told you that you couldn't get in my bed for two weeks? Would that be kind? (This is the child that crawls in MY bed EVERY night!)
Molly: That's different. Your bed is the family bed and my bed is all mine.

 Molly (looking at my wedding pictures): Are these pictures really old?
Me: They were taken in 2004.
Molly: Is that when God made Adam and Eve?

 Molly: "You've got three kids that you love. Rayna, Aaron, and me. But you love me the most."