Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas 2012

We had a great Christmas!  Molly was up at the crack of long before dawn.  I told her to get in bed with me and that when the clock said 6 she could get up.  

Molly:  It says five one two.
Me:  It needs to say 6.
Molly:  It says five one four.
Molly:  It says five one SIX....we can get up!

Rayna was up a little before 6 (not because it was Christmas--just typical Rayna) so we were opening presents very early.
 Pardon Aaron's 4th of July PJs.  His daddy was so good and put him in his "baby's first Christmas" PJs which he (of course!) wet during the night.

We had a wonderful Christmas lunch with family including my brother Bob who flew in all the way from Hawaii.  It was SO great to see him--we miss him so much!
I also got to meet my new little niece, Adalyn.  Love her to pieces already!