Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Eight Weeks Old

 My little sweetie is 8 weeks old today.  At 8 weeks, he weighs 12lbs 7oz!  The boy likes to eat!  He has started smiling in the last couple of weeks and it's just the sweetest thing ever.  Melts my heart! 

He's been having some issues with his stomach the last week or so.  He would often cry while he was eating.  It kind of peeked on Monday--he was crying every time he was eating--whether he was nursing or taking a bottle.  On Tuesday, we took him to the doctor and he was diagnosed with reflux.  He started medication and the doctor said he could take up to a week to really work, but after just four doses, we are already seeing an improvement. 

We are so loving this baby boy!  Praise God for unexpected blessings.  :-)