Monday, November 28, 2011

Molly Funnies

Molly:  Mommy, you can't have these pickles.  You can't have a lot of sodium.  Or sugar.  You can't have a lot of sugar, either.
Me:  That's true.  We shouldn't eat too much sodium or sugar.
Molly:  So you can't eat pickles.
Me:  Well, you're sure eating a lot of pickles!
Molly:  I'M not pregnant!

After taking a shower and getting ready for the day,
Molly:  Where are we going?
Me:  We aren't going anywhere.
Molly:  But you took a shower.

Molly:  I know how to spell Rayna.
Me:  You do?  How?
Molly:  R-A-Y-N-A.
Me:  Great job!  You're a good speller!
Molly:  I also know how to spell Melissa.
Me:  You do?  How?
Molly:  M-O-M-M-Y   H-I-N-E-S