Saturday, October 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Molly!

Our precious Molly is 4 years old.  Four?  Where does the time go?
Brian and I have been talking about how much fun Molly is right now.  She's old enough to have some independence but still thinks Mommy and Daddy know everything almost everything.  She is such a good big sister to Rayna.  And she's so smart!  She's doing so well at school and learning so much.  She loves her friends and is such a kind and caring little girl.  I just can't imagine our lives without her.
And somewhere on the other side of the world, there is a woman who is faced with that reality.  The reality of living everyday without her precious daughter.  I wish I had some way to tell her what a beautiful, smart, and loving little person her daughter is turning out to be.  I wish I had some way to tell her how much she is loved by so many people--how her sparkling little personality can light up a room.  I wish I had some way to thank her for the sacrifice she made for her baby girl--the baby girl that we share.

Happy birthday, my Sweet Princess!!
Molly's 1st Birthday
Molly's 2nd Birthday
Molly's 3rd Birthday
Molly's 4th Birthday
We did a Molly/Rayna combo party.  Molly wanted a princess birthday party so the girls dressed up like princesses and invited their friends over for snacks and cake.  One of Molly's friends even brought a pinata!  It was a fun time!