Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Molly Update

Children are so resilient!  It's amazing to me that the little girl singing and putting together a puzzle today was the same child that was so sick just last night.  Her skin is still pretty irritated, but overall she is feeling fine and is ready to go back to preschool tomorrow.

After new information that we received today, what Molly is suffering from is a "sting allergy."  She is basically highly allergic to the venom in stinging insects (including fire ants.)  Our pediatrician referred us to an allergist so I guess we will be learning even more soon.  In the meantime, Molly now travels with Benedryl and an Epi-pen.

Before our scare with Molly yesterday afternoon, we were having a really nice time at Cane Creek Park.  We grilled out, walked around the lake, and fed the ducks.