Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Our Little Mess

Our little Molly  has been such a little mess lately!  She's so smart and spunky.  Here are some recent conversations with my girl.
Background:  While I was fixing lunch, Molly got the sprinkles out of the pantry and put them on the table.  When I saw them, I took them and put them away.  About 5 minutes passes.
Molly:  Mommy, is it wrong to take something away from someone without asking them?
Me:  Yes, that is wrong.
Molly:  It's naughty, right?
Me:  Yes, that is naughty.
Molly:  Mommy, you were naughty when you took those sprinkles away from me without asking, weren't you?
Me:  Umm....well....
Molly:  It's okay, Mommy.  But next time you need to ask.
Me:  Molly, you need to put away your laundry.
Molly:  I can't!  My arms are broken!
Me:  Oh, that's sad.  How are you going to eat your snack?
Molly:  My arms work to eat snack.  They are just broken to put away laundry.
Me:  Molly, where did you put Mommy's keys?
Molly:  They are upstairs on my bed.
Me:  Can you go get them for me?
Molly:  No, you can do it.
Me:  But you're the one that took them upstairs.
Molly:  But you can get them.  Come on, Mommy!  It will be fun!  Just pretend you are Superman and fly right up the stairs to get them!
Molly:  Who put these tongs in the dishwasher?  They were not dirty.
Me:  Well, you were playing with them and left them out so I bet Daddy thought they were dirty and put them in the dishwasher.
Molly:  Mommy!  Boys are not supposed to load the dishwasher.  They don't know if things are dirty or not.  Next time, you need to let a girl do it, okay Mommy?