Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend

Brian and I were really fortunate to get to see both of our mothers this weekend.  Brian's parents came for a visit yesterday to bring a new bed for Molly!  So we were able to celebrate Mother's Day with Brian's mom yesterday.  We also had two of the four Donahue children over yesterday.  The kids all had a great time playing.  We saw my mom briefly after church today and we are going to go over to her house tonight to celebrate Mother's Day with her.  Brian is going to cook dinner for us!   

 Molly's new big bed from Grandpa and Grandma.  She is LOVING it!!
 This Mother's Day, I am so thankful for these sweet faces:
 And a Mother's Day will never pass without me thinking about that sweet boy in heaven who first made me a mother.