Thursday, April 7, 2011

Exciting Week!

 This has been a really exciting week!  We have a little bit of news.  We had an orientation class for foster care through our local Department of Social Services.  We can't really say that we even know what this means yet.  We would like to adopt a waiting child and right now it looks as though God is opening the doors for us to do this domestically.  Our classes start in late April so we are excited about starting this first step.

Our sweet friends Mike and Nicole gave birth to their precious daughter, Avonlea!  We got to see her this week.  She is just beautiful!  Rayna wasn't too excited about me holding another baby, but I'm sure they will be great friends eventually!  :-)
 Ahhh.......Rayna.  Only the "cutest girl ever" could pull off that hair!  :-)