Sunday, February 20, 2011

Happy Weekend!

We had a fun weekend!  Cooper gave Molly a Hello Kitty piggy bank that you get to paint yourself.  Molly woke up Saturday morning asking to paint it.  She LOVES crafts and she loves Hello Kitty so this was a hit!  Thanks Cooper!

 Rayna wanted in on the action so we let her paint with our magic paint pens.  They only show up on our special paint paper so it limits the mess.  :-)
Aunt Marie came for a visit on Saturday!  We had a great time hanging out with Aunt Marie.  Poor Rayna didn't get a lot of Aunt Marie time.  Molly isn't very good at sharing her Auntie.  I don't think she let Aunt Marie out of her sight all day.
 Love this picture!  Aunt Marie's head was supposed to be in this picture, but it didn't quite happen.  Little wiggle worms!
 Tonight we had a special Life Group because it was our friend Krista's 30th birthday!  It must be so hard being 30!  :-)  Rayna had chocolate cake for the first time tonight.  She thought it was pretty amazing!
 Who do you think wins the "cheesy grin" award in this photo?