Sunday, February 13, 2011

                   February Friend Fun!

 We've been having a lot of fun with our friends this week!  Earlier this week, we got together for dinner with our friends, the Hiltons.  Michelle and I had a great time hanging out while all of our kids played.  At one point, they all had instruments and we had a whole band--very cute!
 Brian worked yesterday, so the girls and I went to the park and to Chic-fil-a with my friend Denise and her two kids J.C. and Ana.  It's been so nice the last few days--we've been spending LOTS of time going outside and to the park.

Rayna Slides

 With all of the park trips we've been making, Rayna had learned how to slide.  She backs herself down backwards and goes down on her belly.  It is so cute and she just LOVES it.  She will slide again and again as long as you let her.  It's a great way for her to burn off some of her energy!