Monday, December 6, 2010

My Girls

Both of my girls have BIG personalities. But they are so incredibly different. The older they get, the more the differences are obvious. At 13 months, Molly had a lot of words and a lot of signs. She would sit and listen to stories and loved looking at pictures. She crawled, but didn't walk until 17 months and didn't climb until she was almost 2.

Rayna isn't saying a lot yet. She has a couple of words and a couple of signs, but doesn't really use any form of communication other than screaming. :-) But she is SO mobile. At 13 months old, not only is she walking, she is RUNNING. She is pushing a chair around the kitchen to get things she wants off of the counter. She climbs on the table, climbs up the stairs, and is already trying to climb out of her crib.

I actually think their differences have very little to do with the fact that they are not biologically related. I have many friends who have multiple bio kids that have very different personalities. I think Molly is just Molly and Rayna is just Rayna. And honestly, I love their differences! I love all of the little things that make Molly Molly and all of the little things that make Rayna Rayna.

I took these adorable pictures of Molly in her Christmas PJs in December 2008.
I thought I would attempt to recreate those photos with her little sister in the same PJs this Christmas. HA! Check out the differences.
They are so different--but I wouldn't change a single thing about either of them! :-)