Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy First Birthday, Rayna!

One year ago today, I held my youngest baby girl for the first time. It has been such a fun year! I can't believe she's already one! She is such a precious girl and we are just so thankful to have her as our daughter.

We went to Nana's house for cake and presents. Rayna had her first taste of cake--yummy! She liked her presents, but was much more interested in eating the wrapping paper and standing on the boxes. Gotta love one-year-olds!
And apparently, this is THE card to give your granddaughter on her first birthday. Rayna received the same card from her Grandma, Nana, and Mrs. Austin--her honorary grandma. So funny!
And happy Rayna's birthday to Mommy and Daddy! We got to turn Rayna's car seat around! Oh, happy day!!