Saturday, October 2, 2010

Pierced Ears and Ponytails

Our babies are growing up! Molly has been asking for earrings for about a year now. We told her that it would hurt a little, but she was sure she still wanted it done. We decided that three would be a good age. She was old enough for us to prepare her, but too young to really dwell on the decision. (I got mine pierced at five and chickened out twice before following through with it.) She did GREAT! She cried a little, but after a lollipop and a sticker, she quickly forgot about it and was SO excited. She couldn't wait to show Daddy (he'd taken Rayna out--she's an empathetic crier.) She's turning into such a big girl!

And Molly's not the only one growing up! I gave Rayna her first little ponytail today. LOVE the little whale-spout! I gave Molly her first ponytail at 11 months, too. Granted, I had a little more to work with. :-P