Thursday, October 14, 2010


I know that Molly is small for her age and Rayna is big for her age. It's obvious from the hand-me-down pictures that Rayna is wearing clothes that Molly wore when she was much older. But for some reason, this little pink outfit really put it into perspective for me. I remember putting this outfit on Molly all winter and wondering if she would ever grow into it. So when I pulled it out for Rayna, I remembered how HUGE it was and thought, "oh, this should be a good fit for Rayna."

Here's Molly wearing the outfit at 12 months. (This is actually her first birthday.)
And Rayna in the same outfit at 11 months.
Isn't it funny?! And the REALLY funny thing is how your child can be (less than) 5th percentile on the growth chart or (greater than) 95th percentile on the growth chart, and still be the perfect size!