Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy Birthday to Nana!!

Speaking of is Nana's birthday! 10/10/10--what an exciting day for a birthday! We had fun celebrating with Nana. Molly pretty much made her cake with me as her assistant. That girl LOVES being in the kitchen. She can crack an egg with one hand--seriously! I've got to get it on video! She was so excited about Nana's birthday--I can't imagine how she's going to be later this month when it's HER birthday!

Nana is such an important part of our lives. She's investing so much into the lives of our girls by being with them all day while we are at work. And I just can't imagine it any other way. She is AMAZING with them and they love her! (See previous post!) Nana is such a blessing! We love you, Nana!!