Friday, July 16, 2010

You Might Have A Two Year Old If......

* You know all of the Wiggles by name.

* You get REALLY nervous when things are too quiet at your house.

* Your pet fish has recently been fed an ENTIRE container of fish food.

* Your minivan has been finger-painted green.

* You have to listen to "Who Did Swallow Jonah" over and over. Not because it is her favorite Bible story, but because she thinks the song goes "pooted, pooted, pooted, pooted" instead of "who did, who did, who did, who did." :-)

* Your baby has somehow ended up with blue toes while sitting in her exersaucer. (She's fast! At least it was washable marker!)

*The same child who makes you want to pull your hair out one minute can flash one precious smile the next and absolutely melt your heart. We love our sweet two (almost three!) year old! :-)