Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Molly Moment

More Conversations With Molly:

Molly: Daddy, I gotta tell you 'bout somefing.
Daddy: (Expecting a serious father-daughter conversation) Yeah?
Molly: I gotta booger on my finger. I need you get it for me.

Molly: Why Rayna like her paci?
Me: Because Rayna is a baby.
Molly: Rayna got baby paci's. I got big girl paci's.

Molly: Daddy, why is it raining?
Daddy: I guess God wants it to rain today.
(Later that evening)Molly: Can I have snack?
Daddy: No, it's almost time for bed.Molly: But God wants me to have snack!!

Molly: Mommy, what I got in my tooth?Me: I don't know? What is it?
Molly: I think it's a chip. Here, you want to eat it?
Me: No, thank you!


You are another month older! You are so fun right now! You are doing so many fun things and make us laugh everyday!

You moved into a big girl bed!! You are doing SO well in your big girl bed. You've gotten out a couple of times, but most nights you go right to sleep in your new bed. You even helped Mommy take your crib apart and put it away!

You take your job as a big sister very seriously. You take very good care of Rayna--MOST of the time! You like to try to help us feed her and when she's fussy in the car, you say, "Rayna is crying. Maybe Rayna wants to hear 'Oh, Happy Day.' " :-) Sometimes you are bossy with Rayna and take her toys away, but she's starting to "tell" on you by crying when you take her toys. Sometimes you get jealous when Mommy and Daddy are giving Rayna too much attention and you act like a baby, too. But you make sure that everyone knows that you are NOT a baby, you are a big girl! :-)

You aren't taking naps anymore. You don't mind taking naps, but then you want to stay up way too late, so now you are "napping" on the couch while you watch a DVD when Rayna takes a nap. You are doing really well with this and you're starting to go to bed a lot earlier.

You have been swimming a lot this summer and you love it! You love playing in the water and you've even been putting your face in some! We've also been going to the library this summer and you love that, too.

You are such a sweet, funny, special little girl and we just love you so much!! :-)