Sunday, March 7, 2010

Blue Balloon

Isn't it amazing how little it takes to please a two year old? Yesterday we went for a walk to the playground. As we were walking by our neighborhood's model home, the guy was leaving and asked if Molly wanted a balloon. Well, of course she did! You would have thought the guy had given her a million dollars. I love how happy she gets about the small things in life.

Unfortunately, our two year old has not been all smiles lately. I think she's going through another little adjustment period. She's been incredibly needy and clingy. She was doing so well with staying in her class at church but the last several Sundays she has not been able to make it--someone has had to come to get us every Sunday. When I ask her why she was sad in her class she always says the same thing. "Cuz I want my Mommy." Luckily we weren't blindsided by this. Several of our friends had warned us that the new baby adjustment period really happens when the baby is about four months old. Molly went through a little jealousy period when Rayna was about two months old, so I thought we were in the clear, but it looks like we're going through it again. Hopefully it will be short lived and our Molly will be back to herself again soon. And if not, the balloon guy said that he gives those balloons away everyday at 5:00--I guess we could take her to the model home for happy hour! :-)

And a few more cute pictures of those sweet faces!