Sunday, January 31, 2010

Molly's Haircut

I've been cutting Brian's hair for several years now and love the money it saves us. I was cutting his hair this morning and talking about how Molly needed a haircut. I got brave and cut her hair for the first time! I was pretty impressed with how good the back looked, so I made the impulsive decision to give her bangs too. I've been playing with the idea of bangs for Molly because she keeps getting all of this new hair which is always hanging down in her face. I think she looks adorable with her new little bangs! Granted, this kid couldn't be anything other than adorable!

The Hines Salon is pretty professional. We give lollipops!
Daddy and Molly sporting their new haircuts.
Rayna watched all of the action from her Bumbo seat.
"Oh, I next?!"