Thursday, January 21, 2010

Molly Moment

It's time for a Molly update! This girl is growing and changing everyday and we just think she's about the sweetest thing ever! (Even on the days when she is acting VERY two!)

I am SO bad about getting videos of the girls (seriously, I don't even have anything from Christmas.) So my new goal is to upload a video with every update. They just change so fast and I want to capture every stage!


You were so much fun this month! We celebrated Christmas and you had a great time! You were so surprised to see all of the presents under the tree on Christmas morning. You wanted to play with each present after you opened it--I guess you wanted to show your appreciation for each gift! You got a kitchen set for Christmas and you love to cook for everyone.

You continue to be such a good big sister. You love Rayna so much. You are always trying to make her happy and don't like hearing her cry. You're still very sweet to Rayna, but you have started to show some jelousy. You have been acting like a baby--wanting to be carried a lot and wanting your paci all of the time--particularly if we are busy with Rayna. Mommy, Daddy, and Nana have all been trying to spend alone time with you as much as possible and you really enjoy it.

You learned to blow bubbles this month! You think this is the greatest thing ever! You tried so hard over the summer, but always blew too hard. Now you've figured out how and you have the BEST time blowing bubbles. I can't wait until you can go outside more this summer.

You've been better about taking a bath lately. You still don't love it, but we can talk you into it--especially if Rayna is getting a bath. You still don't like having your hair washed or getting water in your face, but you do like to pretend to take a shower. After Mommy or Daddy get out of the shower, you like to get in (with the water off) and pretend to wash your hair.

You are talking and understanding so much! You still call bananas "yabas," but stopped calling soap "pelp"--I was really kind of sad the first time you said "soap." You are growing up too fast!

You love playing on the computer and sometimes push buttons you aren't supposed to push! You recently turned the whole screen upside down! Not sure how you did that--but luckily Daddy was able to fix it! Grandpa and Grandma got you your own computer for Christmas--a pretty pink laptop!

You like to hear music in the car. We told you that the music is music for Jesus so now when you get into the car you say, "I hear music! That music for Baby Jesus?" So cute!

Every night when I kiss you goodnight and leave your room I say, "I love you, Molly!" And usually you just watch me leave or start looking at your books--but every once in awhile you give me the "I love you" sign and say "I yove you, Mommy!" It absolutely melts my heart!

We love you, Sweet Girl!