Sunday, November 15, 2009

Lovely Weekend

After many days of cold, rainy weather, we had a BEAUTIFUL weekend. We had all been feeling a little stir-crazy so we spent a good majority of this weekend outside. Saturday morning, my mom, Molly, Rayna, and I all walked to the playground at the school near our house. Molly actually WALKED the whole way (she usually rides in her wagon) and had SUCH a good time walking on the sidewalk like a big girl and stopping to pick flowers.
Molly helped Daddy wash the car today. This has got to be one of her all time favorite things to do. She wants her own bucket and sponge and is SO excited the whole time. It's so cute!Align Right
Our sweet Rayna will be 2 weeks old tomorrow! I can't believe she's only been here for two weeks! She's been eating well and has been a happy baby so far. Her sleep at night is inconsistent. Some nights she's up A LOT and other nights she's only up every three hours to nurse and she's back to sleep. So some days I feel more rested than others. :-)

She is such a sweet girl! We are loving her so much!
Molly helping give Rayna a sponge bath
Loving my sweet girls!