Friday, October 16, 2009

Sick Girl

I wasn't really that concerned when Molly started coughing a little on Tuesday. She struggled with allergies pretty much all of last Fall so I figured it was just that time of year. But by Tuesday night, she was SICK. She went to bed okay on Tuesday, but woke up crying with an awful cough and pretty much didn't sleep after that. She had a cough, runny nose and eyes, and a fever. I was sure that she had the flu, but I took her to the doctor first thing on Wednesday and they did a flu test which was negative. So we've just been hanging out at home recovering and watching the Curious George movie. (No, honestly--we've watched it about 10 times in the last three days. She woke up in the middle of the night last night and when I went in to get her she said, "George, please.") We were bummed because we were supposed to go and see Brian's parents in Winston Salem this weekend, but it looks like we'll be spending this weekend at home in our PJs.

She was almost back to herself today and it was so nice to see her happy and playing again. We're hoping she'll be all better for her birthday on Thursday!