Friday, October 9, 2009

Fall Break Fun

It has been SO nice to have this time off of work. I have been spending lots of quality time with my girl which has been great! She's at such a fun age! Not to mention the fact that I have been getting to take a nap everyday--LOVELY! :-)

Molly had a play date with two of her buddies, Maia and Alea. Maia and Alea are also both adopted from Vietnam and all three girls are very close in age. It was SO fun to watch them interact and I had a great time talking to their Mommies while the girls played.
For fun, here's a picture of Molly and Maia from LAST October. Look how much they've changed! They just grow up so fast!
Last night, two of the ladies from my Life Group, Kathy and Jen, had a baby shower for baby Rayna. It was so exciting to celebrate with some great ladies from my church. Rayna got lots of cute things--we're so excited about her upcoming arrival!A couple of other random sweet pictures from Fall break: