Wednesday, August 12, 2009

August Fun Continues

We've had a fun, busy week so far. My Uncle Hemant was preaching nearby, so he and my aunt stopped by for dinner on Monday night. My brother and his family were over and we had SO much fun! Molly got to play with her cousin Lexy which she always loves.

My cousin Jason bought Molly some new sunglasses. She loved them!

It has been SO hot here this week. It's been too hot to take the kids outside for recess at all this week. It doesn't really get cool enough to go outside until after Molly's bedtime, so pretty much the only outside time she gets is at the pool. Which she doesn't mind! She LOVES the water! It rained this evening so it was a little cooler out and we got to go for a walk. I am SO ready for Fall.

Snackin' at the pool
School is still going well. We had our first PTA meeting last night. Here is a picture of (most of) our kindergarten team. They are great! If you want to keep up with what's going on in Mrs. Hines' and Mrs. Austin's kindergarten class, you can check out our new blog!