Thursday, June 18, 2009

Busy Baby!

I've had a very busy week this week and thought I'd update everyone on the happenings in Molly's World. :-)


Last weekend, we went to the new Ikea in Charlotte and had a great time. It was HUGE, but I was such a good girl and rode in my stroller without c0mplaining. Before we left, I got to eat a cinnamon bun! Yum!
Library with Nana

While Daddy and Mommy were at the doctor's office (finding out that I was going to have a baby sister!), Nana took me to story time at the library. We got to hear stories, play with musical instruments, and I even got a sticker!
Corn on the Cob

Mommy made corn on the cob for dinner one night this week. Once I figured out how to eat it, I LOVED it!
How do you expect me to eat this thing, Mom?
A fork, maybe?
Thanks, Mom! That's better!
First Haircut

Today I got my first haircut! Mommy took me to Dolittle's Child Hair Salon and I got to sit in a car and watch a video while I got my hair cut. They didn't cut a lot--they just evened it out because it was so many different lengths. Since it was my first haircut, they took my picture and gave Mommy and lock of my hair to keep. Mommy says she would DEFINITELY recommend Dolittle's to her friends--especially for baby's first haircut!

Ummm......I'm not so sure about this--
Hey, the cape is kind of fun!
This isn't bad at all!
Don't I look adorable?