Sunday, March 8, 2009

From Snow Boots to Flip Flops!

We didn't go to school Monday because it was snowing and by this weekend it was warm enough for flip flops! But hey--I'm not complaining! After what has seemed like a very long, cold NC winter, I am ready for Spring! We've had a fun weekend and enjoyed lots of time outside!
Mommy and Molly
Don't worry, Grandparents--she didn't really get the WHOLE cone--
I only did this to snap a picture. :-)
We both love the swing! She loves swinging,
and I love hanging out outside pushing her.Molly and her buddy Cooper (and Mr. Michael too!)
SO excited to be out walking!
(and Molly liked it too-hehe)
Ready for church!Is this kid stinkin' cute or what?! :-)