Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday Funny

So after teaching small children for several years, I have accumulated quite the collection of funny stories. Very rarely does a day go by that I don't laugh out loud at something one of my kids says. Today was no different. We have really been trying to cut down on the children coming to tell us every little problem they are having with each other. So anytime a child comes up to me, I ask "is this a big problem or a small problem?" Big problems are things where the teacher definitely needs to intervene--if someone else hits you, bullies you, etc. A small problem is something that you can try to handle yourself--someone has your pencil, you don't have a green crayon, the person beside you is sitting to close to you, etc. Well, today I overhear two children quarreling and sure enough one them starts coming my way.

Mrs. Hines: T, is this a big problem or a small problem?
T: A big problem!
Mrs. Hines: Are you sure? Did someone hurt you?
T: Yes!
Mrs. Hines: They did?! (A little surprised as I had been listening to the conversation and there was no hitting or pushing involved.)
T: Yes!
Mrs. Hines: Where did he hurt you?
T: In my heart.