Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hump Day Update

Whew! I'm half way through the first week back at school! Things have gone very well this week. My kids have been great, it's been nice to see my friends at work, and Molly is once again enjoying being spoiled by Nana everyday. Although, Molly's newest word is "hot" and Nana says that Molly won't eat her omelets anymore because she says they're "hot." We always pick on Nana for making Molly huge breakfasts (omelets, pancakes, etc.) so she insists that while I was home we convinced Molly not to eat Nana's omelets anymore. Ha! :-)

All kidding aside, we feel SO very blessed to have Nana taking care of Molly everyday. Molly couldn't have it any better--Nana even took her to the mall today! :-)

Tonight, we got to hang out with our great friends from college, Luke and Sara. Luke and Sara now live in California so we don't get to see them very often. It was SO fun hanging out tonight. It was like we were back in college--plus a couple of kids. :-)

We love you, Luke and Sara!!
The boys!
The girls! Last time we were together, Nicole was pregnant.
The whole group--just like college days. Only it's 8PM and we're all ready for bed!

Thanks for the cool pink giraffe that matches my room, Mr. Luke and Miss Sara!Cute babies!Happy Cooper!Is that whipped cream?! Oh, my, Daddy! That's naughty! :-)

In other news, I was honored to accept the "Friend of the Year Award" last night. I was nominated by my good friend Annie Beth after going to Target with AB very late (okay--like 8PM) last night. I was still in my PJs when she called, so I came--PJs and all. Here I am with my award--AB bought me a Starbucks drink! :-)

Okay, okay....while I didn't really win any kind of cool award, my friend Jessica from church did. Jessica won the teacher of the year award for the REGION!! How cool is that?! Here she is with our county's superintendent (who I also love--he was my high school principal).

Congratulations, Jessica! You can read the whole story here.