Monday, November 10, 2008

Our little stinker! :-)

Our sweet baby girl is learning all kinds of new things! Just this week she has started drinking from a straw! But that's not all she's learned! See the cute little shoes she's wearing in the above picture? Well, this week she has learned how to take them off. And she's fast! She's been taking her socks off for quite some time so we've had to put one sock on then get that shoe on before she can get her sock off. But now that she's taking both her shoes AND her socks off, it's a losing battle! (For Mommy and Daddy!) Just ask our friends Allen and Amy who watched our poor little baby go barefoot for most of dinner tonight because she wouldn't leave her shoes and socks on! I used to complain about little buckles on her shoes--now they are our only option! Little stinker! :-)
Who? Me?