Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Molly!!

One year ago today, a tiny baby girl was found at the gate of Dong Ahn Orphanage in Hanoi, Vietnam. The Lord had a plan for that little girl to become our daughter.

"Your Love, Oh Lord, reaches to the Heavens. Your Faithfulness stretches to the skies."
--Psalm 36:5

Newborn Molly
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7 Months Old
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11 Months Old
1 Year Old!!!
Our baby girl is 1 year old today! She had a great 1st birthday! All of the excitement wore her out--she's now sleeping peacefully in her crib. :-)

We must have gone back and forth a hundred times on whether or not to have a big party for her, but finally decided against it. With her getting baptized this weekend, we didn't want to overwhelm her with too much excitement. But we had a lovely birthday celebration at home! I made Pho (noodle soup--a traditional Vietnamese food) for the first time. It turned out pretty well even if I do say so myself! Molly LOVED it and was shoveling it in with both hands. :-)

Then, even though some of my good friends have given me a hard time about this, Molly had a low sugar, pineapple cupcake. She hasn't had much sugar and I didn't feel comfortable giving her cake with icing. Call me overprotective, but I will say (as you can see from the pictures) she enjoyed it very much!

And of course Molly got some fun presents! And she had a great time ripping off the paper! :-)

We love you, Baby Girl, and we feel so thankful to God to have you in our lives. We know that God had you planned for our family. You are everything we dreamed you would be and so much more. It feels like you have always been with us and we cannot imagine life without you. Happy birthday, Baby! :-)