Monday, September 8, 2008

Home Sweet Home

While we had a great trip to Vietnam, there is no place like home! It has been so nice to settle in and have Molly at home. So far, she is doing very well. She's been clingy since we've been home, but that's getting better. She's venturing farther and farther away from me and has even let me leave the room a couple of times today while she's been playing with Daddy. So far, she's sleeping well. She's sleeping the same amount that she was sleeping in Vietnam which has really suprised me. She's gone to bed and gotten up very early both days (we've all had breakfast at around 4:30AM both days) but is only getting up once at night. She's also been sleeping in her crib!! Brian and I were fine with her sleeping with us, but I feel like she has to sleep better in her crib so I've been very excited that she's taken to it so well. This morning she even played with her aquirum for a little while (maybe 5 mintues) before calling me to come get her.

We're very slowly getting the house back into order. Lots of unpacking and laundry--but we're finally able to see the floor again! We haven't brought Ruthie home yet because we wanted to give Molly some time to settle in before we introduce another family member, but we'll probably bring her home in the next day or so.

Brian goes back to work tomorrow--very sad! I've so enjoyed having him home the last few days--I'm really going to miss him! Molly and I aren't planning on leaving the house this week just so that Molly can get into a routine and start to feel secure here. We're planning on going to church Sunday for our first outing!

Here are a few pictures from the airport and from our first couple of days at home. We fall in love with our little girl more and more every day. It feels like she's always been a part of our family. :-)

Welcome home, Molly!
Maia and Molly together again!
(I think Dana and I were a little more excited about this than the babies were!)
Playing with toys in her room

First breakfast in her highchair (at 4AM)