Saturday, September 27, 2008

Friends and Family

Molly has been able to spend time with some friends and family this weekend (although she was sad to miss her dinner date with her Donahue buddies who are a little under the weather!)

We had dinner with our friends Nicole, Michael, and baby Cooper who has gotten SO big since we last saw him before Vietnam. Molly had her first Qdoba dinner! We also had cheesecake to celebrate Nicole's birthday Friday. (Happy birthday, Nicole!)

Don't they make a cute little couple? :-)
Nicole and Molly at Starbucks
Molly also got to meet her cousin Lexie for the first time. Chris, Ashley, and Lexi came over and Mom made some of her good Chili which was perfect for the fall weather we've been having. At the risk of sounding like an obnoxious old aunt, I'm going to also comment on how much Lexi has grown since we last saw her. She's talking up a storm and has such a little personality!
Molly has been spending some alone time with Nana who will be watching her when I return to work. I snapped this cute picture before we left for the doctor's office. Molly stayed with my mom while I saw the doctor and did great--no tears at all! Then Brian and I ran some errands today and Nana came to watch Molly at our house for the first time. I missed Molly the whole time! I thought we had been gone several hours and Brian informed me that we only left her for an hour and a half. Fortunately, Molly took the separation a lot better than I did and had a great time with Nana!
This picture was from last week, but I just got it off of my friend Tara's page and thought it was SO super cute! I love how you can get a glimpse of Molly's personality in this picture! :-)