Sunday, September 14, 2008

First Week Home

It's hard to believe that we've been home a little over a week! Molly is doing well and adjusting very nicely. She's gotten into a nice little routine and has been a very happy baby. She's eating and sleeping very well. She got a bad rash when we got home, but that's slowly cleared up. It made me feel better to learn that rashes when arriving home are common with internationally adopted children. Her face and back looked pretty bad for the first couple of days, but are looking a lot better now.

Molly and I stayed home this week, but several people came to visit and she liked meeting new people. Yesterday, we took her out for the first time to run errands. We were out at lunch time so we even ate lunch out and she did great! So far, she doesn't seem to mind the carseat too much which I was really concerned about. Then we took her to church today and she got to meet all of her new church friends. Of course, we've taken A TON of pictures Molly's first week home. I think Brian's pretty tired of me saying, "Honey? Can you bring me the camera?" She smiles all of the time, but not for the camera. Either she smiles and I miss it or she's smiling and I get out the camera and she gets serious. Our friend Matt who is a photographer is doing some pictures of her this week. Hopefully he'll have better luck than I do! For now, here are some of the many pictures Mommy has taken this week:

Alright, Daddy--I'm dressed! Now where are you taking me?
I guess the carseat isn't too bad if I have my binky.
Toy box? No! It's a Molly box!
Still loving bath time!
All clean and ready for bed!
A couple of cute pictures from Molly and Mommy's photo session!
We bought these dresses in Vietnam.

Our friend Tara took this picture and I LOVE it! This is Molly's first time in the grass in our backyard. She isn't quite sure what she thinks of grass yet.

If you can't tell, we are just loving our little girl. I was thinking in church this morning about how grateful I am that God lead us to Vietnam. Even though it was a bumpy road, I know that Molly was the little girl that God had planned for our family.