Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Walk in the Park

I told Brian that since Molly went to bed early, I was going to update the blog while I'm still somewhat coherant. Molly had a rough time going to sleep last night--I think we really messed up whatever nightly routine we've established by taking her to the Water Puppet Theater. We decided from now on we'll be spending our evenings in the hotel. She went to bed with no problem tonight, so Brian's getting us pizza (an interesting break from our usually Kiti dinner)

It rained this morning so today was a little cooler. We decided to buy Molly a stroller, mostly to use as a high chair as I'm not comfortable crossing Hanoi streets with her in it. But today we took a nice, long walk around Hoan Kiem Lake since it was so nice out and Molly got to actually RIDE in her stroller. She liked watching everyone and had a good time. I couldn't believe how much cooler it was without my little personal heater attached to me--but I kind of missed having her so close. She apparently missed being so close as towards the end of the walk, she wanted Mommy. She got back in the carrier for her bottle and I carried her for the rest of the outing.

Molly and Daddy

Pictures from our walk including Ngoc Son Temple

Back in the carrier for her bottle.
And just for fun: A picture of Kiti--where we get take out almost every night.