Monday, July 28, 2008

Weekend Happenings

A lot of exciting things have been happening around here! First of all, our friends Nicole and Michael welcomed their new little boy, Cooper Michael, into the world last Friday. We got to go and see him on Saturday. He has so much hair--it's even spiky! Too cute!

This weekend we got to spend time with some of our favorite couples--the Donahues and the Edmistens. I was especially excited to meet Maia for the first time! Maia and Molly were in the same orphanage in Vietnam. I asked her if she remembered Molly--I think she does! I'm so excited about Molly having such a great connection. Jeff and Dana gave us a lot of good tips about our Vietnam trip. We're SO ready to go!!

Sunday, we had Life Group. We just started a study in the book of James which I'm really excited about. We also had the opportunity to prepare a meal for Operation: Reach Out--the mission where my mom works. Brian and Matt did a SUPER job de-boning (is that a word??) about twenty pounds of chicken. :-)

Adoption Happenings

It's been almost two months since we received our I600 receipt. Tomorrow morning we are going to get our SECOND set of fingerprints. I'm glad we'll have this done as I don't want anything holding up our travel.

My friend Heather who is currently in Vietnam was able to go back to Molly's orphanage and get some more pictures. These pictures are just so special and we treasure every one of them. It's so fun to see how much she's changing and developing her own little personality. I was also shocked to see how many teeth she has!! She looks like such a big girl! Let's wait until you get home to grow up anymore--okay, Molly?