Friday, May 2, 2008

No Molly YET?!

After being out for my dad's surgery yesterday, one of my little pumpkins ran up to meet me this morning and asked, "Mrs. Hines, was you gone 'cuz you was gonna get Molly?" No, I wish, Sweetie! Then, at lunch, another one of the kids noticed Mrs. Austin was gone (she's at a conference this weekend) and asked, "Mrs. Hines, where is Mrs. Austin? Did she go to get Molly for you?" So, Mrs. Austin, if could swing by Vietnam and pick Molly up for me that would be super! :-D

No, unfortunately there is no Molly yet. Still no word that our I600 has been filed, but I did hear that Vietnam has a holiday right now so maybe next week.

Dad update: Hopefully Dad will get moved to his own room tomorrow and I will FINALLY get to see him. So far, he's doing great! :-)