Monday, April 7, 2008

Celebrating Babies!

This weekend we got to hang out with our good friends, Nicole and Michael. It has been so fun walking through life with Nicole and Michael--we were all friends in college, taught Sunday school together, were in each others weddings, and now we're having babies together. Nicole is due in July and just found out that it's a BOY! We're expecting to meet Cooper (named after the Cooper River) this summer and can't wait for he and Molly to be good friends. We had dinner this weekend and then even got to go out and do a little baby shopping! I think the deal of the night was the lamp shade I bought for Molly's room at K-mart for $2.00! What a deal! They couldn't find a price on any of them so they gave it to me for 2 bucks--can't beat that!
I really put a lot of effort towards Molly's room in October, but since then I've kind of dropped the ball. Part of that was just being busy, but a lot of it was guarding my heart since things have been so up in the air with Vietnam. But now there is the very real possibility of us bringing home that little princess in the next couple of months and we need to get moving again! This weekend Brian put together her dresser (yes, I asked him to show it off like Vanna which he did reluctantly)--and I even helped! I wanted Molly to know that her Mama played a role in putting it together. (I mostly handed Brian the tools, but he did let me hammer a little after I begged!) Her room is looking so super cute! Now all we need is a little girl in there!