Sunday, December 2, 2007

Tis the season, ya'll!

We got December started with Brian's company Christmas party this weekend. The theme was western so we put on our hats and our boots (okay so we really didn't have boots) and did some country line dancing. It was fun meeting some of the people that Brian spends his days with.

Brian has been enjoying his new job and feels like he's able to use a lot of his gifts. He's excited about getting to learn and do more.

Not much new news on the adoption front. People all around our DTV date have been recieving referrals so we could get the call any day now. We're very excited!!

Of course there is a sadness that has kind of been hanging over our heads as we begin this Christmas season. We miss Zeke very much and think and talk about him everyday. I cannot begin to express how blessed we feel to have such an amazing support group around us to talk to us and pray for us during this difficult time. While we miss Zeke we try to be happy that he is going to be spending his second Christmas with Jesus and celebrating in a way we can only imagine.