Monday, November 12, 2007

Life Group, New Job, and Congrats!

Last night we had our first Monroe Life Group meeting. SO exciting! We've been in a wonderful life group in Matthews (which was such a blessing) but we really wanted to do something in the Monroe area so that we could be more involved in our local community. So we got together last night for dinner and discussed what we were interested in studying and decided on Romans.

Matt A. and Brian after Life Group
We also wanted to give a big congratulations to our friend Matt who is now a National Board Certified Teacher! For those of you not in the wonderful world of education, this is a HUGE accomplishment and we are just thrilled for him!

Matt C. and Tara

Finally, we have a praise report/prayer request. As most of you know, the housing market has taken a huge hit lately resulting in a lot of lost jobs (including my mother). Brian found out last Friday that his company would be making some changes that included him. He was transferred to the billing/accounting department and is also going to be doing some IT work. This is a praise report as his hours should be better and he feels that this job will better fit his gifts. But things could be crazy for him for the next month or so especially with being out of town (for the wedding) the first week of his new job. So if you think about it, say a little prayer for him. :-)