Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Happy Anniversary!!

101 Things things I love about my husband:

1. He helps me stay organized.
2. He takes me out to eat Qdoba.
3. He dances with me (even A-tuddy-ta!).
4. He vacuums because he knows it's my least favorite chore.
5. He pops me homemade popcorn.
6. He hangs out with me and my girlfriends.
7. He taught me the word "Polysack"
8. He can always find my sunglasses.
9. He "surprises" me with dinner every time I have a PTA meeting.
10. He prays with me.
11. He can tell when I'm upset and won't let leave me alone until I talk to him.
12. He has a heart for adoption.
13. He answers my questions about religion and politics.
14. He lets me order veggie pizza and picks off the peppers and onions.
15. He knows the capitals of all 50 states.
16. He washes and vacuums my car.
17. He let me get a dog.
18. He doesn't mind telling me he's sorry.
19. He always asks me how my day was.
20. He always wants to share what he's learning with me.
21. He knows the names of my friends at work.
22. He's honest.
23. He helps me find my keys when I lose them.
24. He thinks critically.
25. He takes care of our house.
26. He asks me about my kindergartners by name.
27. He helps me talk through my problems.
28. He loves his parents.
29. He spends time with my family.
30. He tells me the truth even if I don't really want to hear it.
31. He makes an effort with people.
32. He helps me to be a better teacher.
33. He helps me to be a better southerner.
34. He will always stop what he's doing to listen to me.
35. He helps people with their cars.
36. He's not afraid to commit.
37. He reminds me to pray about things.
38. He's strong.
39. He's generous.
40. He has an amazing memory.
41. He helps me to not care about with others think of me.
42. He makes my coffee in the morning.
43. He's willing to do anything he's asked to do at work without complaining.
44. He listens to my secrets and doesn't judge me.
45. He talks (and listens) to kids.
46. He's learning how to swim.
47. He knows all the one liners in Napoleon Dynamite (a little annoying--but funny)
48. He asked me to marry him on the day after Christmas.
49. He likes to run.
50. He takes me to eat seafood at the beach even though it's not his favorite.
51. He's making an effort to learn Spanish.
52. He remembers people's names.
53. He likes to have friends over.
54. He plays with me in the snow.
55. He likes to ride bikes.
56. He likes to learn new things.
57. He quotes funny movies.
58. He's loyal.
59. He prays for the children we will adopt someday.
60. He's not afraid of thunderstorms (because I am!)
61. He takes out the trash.
62. He cares about his family.
63. He's predictable.
64. He's spontaneous.
65. He likes to read.
66. He watches Discovery Health Channel documentaries with me.
67. He keeps me up on current events.
68. He puts my needs before his.
69. He has a heart for mens' ministry.
70. He gets me to dance.
71. He holds me accountable.
72. He is a hard worker.
73. He never turns down anyone in need.
74. He sings praise and worship songs in the shower.
75. He rides bikes with me even though I'm not as fast as he is.
76. He sings with me in the car.
77. He keeps the yard looking nice.
78. He always offers to help when someone is broken down.
79. He'll try anything once.
80. He talks to the kids in the neighborhood.
81. He won the geography bee in 97 and has the tee shirt to prove it.
82. He puts the sheet on the bed "upside down" because he knows I like it that way.
83. He has a heart for missions.
84. He makes friends with non-Christians.
85. He's trustworthy.
86. He loves the mountains.
87. He's compassionate.
88. He helped me teach Sunday school.
89. He's been honest with me from day one.
90. He reads the Bible with me.
91. He packs my lunch when I'm running late.
92. He was, is, and will be a great dad.
93. He looks up directions for me when I get lost.
94. He's sensitive to my needs.
95. He wears sweaters because he knows I like them.
96. He has a heart for the Hispanics in our community.
97. He cares about building relationships with people.
98. He watches chick-flicks with me.
99. He likes to have people over at our house.
100. He knows the names of all of my students.
101. He loves me as Christ loved the church.