Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Good Times

Well, not much new news on the adoption front. I did get a call back from our agency yesterday afternoon, but she didn't have a whole lot of information. She said she that the baby was very young (she wasn't sure of her exact age but knew she was under four months) and that she seems very healthy. She said she would let them know we were interested and get back with us when she got new information. Of course I have been checking my messages all day today, but I'm sure it will take awhile. I'm trying not to get too excited and just trying to pray that God will work it all out according to HIS will. I really have a peace about the situation that I know God has given me. I'm leaving the whole thing in HIS hands. :-)

Only two more days of intersession and then I have a week off--I'm so excited! Here are some pictures my friend Anna sent me from our weekend. We went to Cane Creek and had some good times:
Climbing the wall

Ready to hit the trails!
The dogs enjoy a swim--okay Shelby enjoys a swim and Ruthie thinks about it.

Girl Time

Gathering wood for the camp fire.

Lighting the fire.
Geeze, boys--come on!
Alright, Anna--it's ready!

Finally, we can roast marshmellows!