Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Autumn Nights

The NC weather has been AMAZING this week. After over a solid month of 90+ days it has been so nice to have some autumn weather. I've been really sad to have to come in from recess everyday this week--it's been just beautiful! Brian and I have been trying to get outside everyday. Brian's friend, Josh, fixed the brakes on my bike so we even got to ride last night. It was SO nice!
It's hard to believe it, but my kindergarten friends are almost finished with their first quarter of school. Next week is our last week of school before intersession--it has flown! I will be teaching intersession for the first week of our break but then I will have a week off to rest and hopefully get to some projects around the house.
We have now been DTV for one month which means we are getting closer. Our agency has said to plan on waiting six months for a referral but so far no one has waited longer than four and some families have gotten referrals in as little as one month. Basically, since there is no waiting list, it could be anytime between now and next spring. We are anxiously awaiting Molly's arrival and talk about her a lot. There is a good chance she's born which has really put a since of urgency on my heart to pray for her and her birth mother. We're very exciting about meeting our little girl!

Off to enjoy some more of this FABULOUS weather! :-D