Friday, August 17, 2007

Molly Grace

--Wished for child

We have offically decided on a name for the baby. For whatever reason, coming up with this name has been a lot harder than it was to come up with Zeke's name. I think part of that was that Brian and I don't agree as well on girl names as boy names.

We knew we wanted something you didn't hear everyday and we wanted to name her a form of the name Mary after my mom, Mary, and Brian's sister, Marie. So we'd been playing with different names for awhile when our good friend Jessica said "I like the name Molly." I thought it was cute, but didn't figure Brian would like it. So I went home that night and brought it up to him and he shocked me when he responded "I love it!" We looked it up that night and found that it is the form of the name Mary! (How we had missed that one, I have no idea.) Thanks, Jessica--we love it!

I hadn't planned on settling this early, but Brian started calling her Molly so Molly it is! We should be DTV (Dossier To Vietnam) VERY soon so we'll keep you posted!