Friday, August 10, 2007

Exciting Week

Well, this has been a very exciting week. On Tuesday, Brian woke me up at about midnight--he had just checked our email and we had a message saying that all of our adoption paperwork was state certified!! It's now on it's way to the Vietnam Consulate where it will be authenticated. This is another big step in the adoption process. We are SO excited!

Our house is now officially "under contract." We will not be closing until September 29th but we may be moving sooner than that depending on our success tomorrow at the painting party. I'm really hoping to get the whole house painted! We even bought paint for the baby's room.

Tuesday will be eight months since Zeke went to be with Jesus. We still miss him so much. I so wish he could be here to meet his little sister. I think about him so much and what he would be doing if he were still with us. I know God's plan was different than what we would have wanted, but Zeke made such a mark on the world with his short little life. And it's been amazing at how many people God has allowed us to encourage who are in similar situations in the last few months. It seems like God is always putting people in my path who can gain something from Zeke's story. God's plan for Zeke was different than mine--it was bigger and better.

Well, Brian and I are having Qdoba tonight---Woo-hoo! :-)