Tuesday, July 3, 2007

New Blog

As many of you know, Brian and I have recently started the adoption process. Several people have asked if we were going to start an adoption blog and I immediately said yes, but I have to admit it was hard to finally take the step to create it. My only experience with blogs/blogging was our blog for Zeke--a means of keeping friends updated on his life. As funny as it sounds, blogging (like so many other things) was connected to him in my mind so it was a little emotional to start over. I really enjoy keeping up with friends through their blogs and being able to say after not getting together for a month or so "oh, I read on your blog that...." It's a really neat way of staying connected. My plan for this blog is to remember our precious son Zeke who is now with Jesus, chronicle the journey of our adoption, and update our friends on the happenings of the Hines family.