Friday, July 20, 2007

Big week!

Well, this week has been a big week for the Hines' so we've got lots of updates. First, we were VERY excited to open our mailbox today and find that our I 171H had arrived! We weren't expecting it until August or September so we were thrilled to get it today. The I 171H is the document granting us permission to bring an orphan into the United States. We have a few finishing touches to put on our dossier and then it's off to be state certified. Very big step! We also found out this week that another couple we know are going to be adopting from Vietnam as well and when I got home tonight she had emailed me and they got their I 171H today too! We could very well be traveling together which would be very exciting. They are also adopting a little girl from China so they have much more experience in the international adoption world--I'm planning on using her a lot as a resource. :-)

In other news, we have an official closing date on our new house--July 30th. I have such mixed emotions about moving. I'm excited about having a fresh start, but sad about leaving our house. We won't get to move in for awhile after we close because we'll have some work to do. We are still planning on a moving party sometime in the near future. :-)

Brian has been helping his friend Josh work on "the movie room" at his house. Josh has turned his unfinished bonus room into a movie room. Josh is incredibly handy and has done pretty much all of the work himself. Hopefully Brian is learning a lot that he can put to use in fixing up our new house. :-)

Finally, even Ruthie had an exciting week this week as she had a doggie sleep over. Her lab friend, Shelby, stayed at our house while her owners Matt and Tara spent some time at the beach checking out locations for their upcoming wedding. Ruthie wasn't sure she cared for Shelby at first, but by the time it was time for Shelby to leave, they had become good friends. We decided that we don't have enough going on in our lives right now so we are going to get a puppy! Just kidding. :-)